The seer covenant

The Founders of Ikusaro. Founded on the values of honor, loyalty, and discipline, The Seer Covenant is the governing corporation of Ikusaro. The Covenant pre-dates the days of MOBIUS and maintains itself in a primary role of leadership. It was Executor Eurzadahn and the Seers that founded Ikusaro.

 The Seers that make up the Covenant are a well-rounded group consisting of trailblazing entrepreneurs, skilled warriors, and deep-space explorers. Ikusaro pilots are expected to lay down their pods and ships to protect our allies, Ikusaro assets, and to defend the honor of the alliance.

Like all Ikusaro corporations, The Covenant exists primarily in low security space, but extends its operations into both high security and wormhole space with occasional expeditions into null.

CEO: Eurzadahn
ROLE: Government, PVP, Exploration, Mission Running, Industry, Mining, Trade
RECRUITER: Liz Lizardbreath, Eurzadahn