Ikusaro MEMBERSHIP Requirements

The following requirements are non-negotiable and are essential for smooth alliance operation. Please review these before applying and determine if they are in line with your own personal goals.


All pilots must join and maintain a presence on the Ikusaro Discord server. Additionally, we require all pilots to have a microphone and to be on comms when piloting within our home constellation. We live in lowsec and it is only a matter of time before you get attacked. Please don't die quietly.


Pilots must be semi-active (play a few nights per week or more). We all understand that real life and family obligations come first. We really appreciate it when our pilots are able to make important operations. We are open to taking Alpha level characters, but Omegas are the preferred choice for our operations. 


Ikusaro is looking for pilots that want to have fun playing EVE. We don't measure ourselves by KB stats and we expect everyone to lose ships. If you aren't losing ships, you are probably not having fun. A toxic attitude and the inability to be a team player are the quickest ways to find yourself corp-less. 


skill points

As an alliance Ikusaro does not have an SP requirement. Each member corporation may have their own SP requirements and those can be seen by visiting the corps page (coming soon). If you are in game, you may also find additional information via the corporation descriptions. For additional information, please contact a corporate recruiter.