IKUSA-RO Japanese, early earth

Roughly translated, could mean either war furnace, or furnace of war, depending on contextual use.


It all started Years ago...

When a few groups of pilots joined together to try living in the Pezarba constellation, within the Kador region. This group formed an alliance that was once known as MOBIUS. Many memories and friendships were created and cultivated within this alliance. Members of this alliance grew to call the Pezarba constellation their home and created many fond memories of this area.

FASt forward to the present...

MOBIUS has disbanded. Some pilots and corporations had moved on to other ventures, but one corporation remained steadfast. The Seer Covenant had remained intact and even absorbed some pilots that were in need of a new home. The Seer Covenant continued its work in Industry, PVP and made a sizeable investment into its Market Trade division.

Eventually, pilots from The Seer Covenant began to reminisce about the good times they enjoyed in the Pezarba constellation. They eventually decided to foray into the area again, full steam ahead. Other former MOBIUS pilots heard about this campaign and were also drawn back to the area.