>>>> HBN UPDATE >>>>


A timely event occurred yesterday during the start of the IKUSARO Industrial Combat roam, celebrating the birthday of IKUSARO Executor Eurzadahn. At the start of the roam, the fleet, comprising purely of industrial ships, leaped through the wormhole, following Fleet Commander @Elendor Xanadaph to attack a pirate Raven class battleship. After the assault, Penand Inc. CEO Alset proclaimed he knew the system. Simultaneously, Executor Eurzadahn burst out on comms channels noting that this system housed an abandoned SRCOV Chimera-class carrier, one the Executor had just sold to Alset hours before. Laughs were shared and talk of the timing of the wormhole were discussed. Needless to say, the Executor was baffled by the event.

"For months now I have contemplated bringing the vessel closer to IKUSARO space, especially to Sech," commented the Executor to HBN. "I have debated on doing the long chain of 8 cyno jumps to bring the vessel, conducting a break down operation and moving the pieces via freighter - I have even tried to sell the vessel several times. What luck that within hours of me selling the vessels to Alset that a wormhole would link IKUSARO space to where the vessel had been abandoned."

When it was seen that the IKUSARO patrol fleet could go no further into that region of space without facing severe opposition from Project Mayhem, who was camping IKUSARO forces with a massive fleet of Heavy Interdictors and a Phoenix class Dreadnaught, FC Xanadaph and the Executor agreed it was time to extract the vessel and bring her home. Quickly the IKUSARO fleet formed up on the station where the Chimera-class carrier, restored to her original name, the Fuross, had been stored. Moments later the carrier undocked for the first time in two years, and within moments the massive vessel leaped through the wormhole and was successfully escorted to IKUSARO's ancestoral home station - Sechmaren IX. Here, Alset kindly re-sold the vessel back to the Executor.

The vessel, seen here arriving at the station in full-glory, was quite the site to see. Welcome home Fuross and happy belated birthday Executor Eurzadahn! We are happy to see the long lost carrier finally return home to join in the defense of IKUSARO and of Sechmaren! It should also be noted the IKUSARO combat fleet continued their roam and was successfull in destroying high-valued pirate vessels later that evening while sustaining no losses. Well done to all.