>>>> HBN UPDATE >>>>

Ladies and gentlemen - I come with the great news that IKUSARO forces have destroyed the last known FUJI POS remaining within the Pezarba Constellation! A combined fleet, lead by Executor Eurzadahn, consisting of IKUSA carriers and a fleet of assorted high damage sub-capital warships wore the tower down and destroyed it. "This is a symbol to FUJI more than anything," commented the Executor. "This is us letting FUJI know our campaign against them is not over and that our resolve to remove them from our region of space remains strong. Our progress has slowed down recently but we are determined to keep pushing them, and their Russian friends, Partisen, out of IKUSARO held space."

When the Amarr-class POS tower was going down, HBN was lucky to catch the amazing explosion of the tower itself. Note the cross-shape of the explosion. What a site! The entire assault took over and hour. It is rumored that this was one of the largest IKUSARO fleets assembled to date. Congratulations to everyone who attended and congratulations to IKUSARO for this amazing victory. Nice work @everyone!