>>>> HBN UPDATE >>>>


A timely event occurred yesterday during the start of the IKUSARO Industrial Combat roam, celebrating the birthday of IKUSARO Executor Eurzadahn. At the start of the roam, the fleet, comprising purely of industrial ships, leaped through the wormhole, following Fleet Commander @Elendor Xanadaph to attack a pirate Raven class battleship. After the assault, Penand Inc. CEO Alset proclaimed he knew the system. Simultaneously, Executor Eurzadahn burst out on comms channels noting that this system housed an abandoned SRCOV Chimera-class carrier, one the Executor had just sold to Alset hours before. Laughs were shared and talk of the timing of the wormhole were discussed. Needless to say, the Executor was baffled by the event.

"For months now I have contemplated bringing the vessel closer to IKUSARO space, especially to Sech," commented the Executor to HBN. "I have debated on doing the long chain of 8 cyno jumps to bring the vessel, conducting a break down operation and moving the pieces via freighter - I have even tried to sell the vessel several times. What luck that within hours of me selling the vessels to Alset that a wormhole would link IKUSARO space to where the vessel had been abandoned."

When it was seen that the IKUSARO patrol fleet could go no further into that region of space without facing severe opposition from Project Mayhem, who was camping IKUSARO forces with a massive fleet of Heavy Interdictors and a Phoenix class Dreadnaught, FC Xanadaph and the Executor agreed it was time to extract the vessel and bring her home. Quickly the IKUSARO fleet formed up on the station where the Chimera-class carrier, restored to her original name, the Fuross, had been stored. Moments later the carrier undocked for the first time in two years, and within moments the massive vessel leaped through the wormhole and was successfully escorted to IKUSARO's ancestoral home station - Sechmaren IX. Here, Alset kindly re-sold the vessel back to the Executor.

The vessel, seen here arriving at the station in full-glory, was quite the site to see. Welcome home Fuross and happy belated birthday Executor Eurzadahn! We are happy to see the long lost carrier finally return home to join in the defense of IKUSARO and of Sechmaren! It should also be noted the IKUSARO combat fleet continued their roam and was successfull in destroying high-valued pirate vessels later that evening while sustaining no losses. Well done to all.



>>>> HBN UPDATE >>>>

Ladies and gentlemen - I come with the great news that IKUSARO forces have destroyed the last known FUJI POS remaining within the Pezarba Constellation! A combined fleet, lead by Executor Eurzadahn, consisting of IKUSA carriers and a fleet of assorted high damage sub-capital warships wore the tower down and destroyed it. "This is a symbol to FUJI more than anything," commented the Executor. "This is us letting FUJI know our campaign against them is not over and that our resolve to remove them from our region of space remains strong. Our progress has slowed down recently but we are determined to keep pushing them, and their Russian friends, Partisen, out of IKUSARO held space."

When the Amarr-class POS tower was going down, HBN was lucky to catch the amazing explosion of the tower itself. Note the cross-shape of the explosion. What a site! The entire assault took over and hour. It is rumored that this was one of the largest IKUSARO fleets assembled to date. Congratulations to everyone who attended and congratulations to IKUSARO for this amazing victory. Nice work @everyone!


Moria Falls


"It is with great sadness that," uttered Executor Eurzadahn, "That for the time being, the System of Moria, the SRCOV Station of Khazad Dun, and the SRCOV Moria Customs Office Network is considered lost. The Covenants' assets, and that of Ikusaro, have been EVACUATED. Pilots have bravely assisted one another during the evacuation but it remains unclear what has still been left behind." Today what was just considered the same to any other day until a rogue T3 cruiser and a hasty citadel deployment turned out to be the beachhead for a Hard Knocks incursion and defense effort on behalf of the thought-dead corporation, DIVISION 13. Earlier today, Seer @Dres (Drez) caught on his directional scanners a presence unexpected in Moria - an Astrahaus. An Astrahaus that was not Khazad Dun Station. An Astrahaus not belonging to Ikusaro. Swiftly IKUSA forces dashed to Moria wormhole entrances from across all over New Eden and converged on this intrusion into IKUSA territory. Shortly thereafter a fight between DIV13 and IKUSA forces broke out with Executor Eurzadahn taking on a DIV13 Proteus in a Manticore. Heroically the fleet dived on the foe and quickly dispatched the one billion isk vessel to doom. However, it was soon made clear that the trouble had just begun and hours later a massive Hard Knocks fleet came to aid DIV13 forces. Overwhelming numbers of Sleipners, aided by Orthrus, Bifrost, Magus, and Sabers crowded through the Moria High Sec entrance and landed atop a sorted IKUSA fleet of cruisers. Quickly the enemy forces pushed through IKUSA lines, destroying nearly all vessels.

However, there was still hope. It was just a matter of time. IKUSA forces redeployed from all across New Eden, awaking in their new clone bodiies and rallying towards the Moria High Sec entrance. Undeterred, Executor Eurzadahn and Fleet Command Elendor decided to press on and through a coordinated and timely plan, dropped a wormhole collapsing Raven atop remaining Hard Knocks vessels. Catching the remaining invasion forces off-guard, and with their exit now gone, all of the enemy vessels in the system converged on the Raven class battleship and her Navy Augoror escort, bravely piloted by FC Elendor himself. Missiles flew, drones filled the space, and warp disruption alarms filled the air as IKUSA forces turned the tide and destroyed almost the entire [new] Hard Knocks fleet of advanced [T2 and T3] destroyers and the prized DIV13 tech 3 strategic cruisers. At the end of this fight, however, it was IKUSARO vessels that rose victorious, looting the field, and Hard Knocks pods fleed the battlefield in retreat. After clearing the battlefield, though, it was clear that Hard Knocks forces would not settle for this loss and that they would be back. DIV13 during the battle was able to get their Astrahaus anchored and online. The invasion had been a success, despite the huge losses on the side of the invaders. After much deliberation, the leadership of IKUSA agreed - it was time to abandon Moria - it was time to sound the evacuation alarms. Quickly supply vessels were streaming from Khazad Dun Station and making their way for the high sec exit to safety.

After hours of collaboration, management of a seemingly endless stream of vessels and supplies, Executor Eurzadahn made the announcement that Khazad Dun was clear of alliance assets. As a last declaration that the retreat was happening, Executor Eurzadahn flew to SANCTUM, the original SRCOV station deployed in Moria, personally initiating the unanchoring and shut down sequence. While SANCTUM was preparing for evacuation, Executor Eurzadahn handed ownership of Khazad Dun Station and the SRCOV Custom Office Network to his long-time ally and friend, Sovereign Aggromarr of Synergence Innovay.
It has been confirmed that some pilots have not yet acted on evacuation orders and that supplies and ships still remain in Moria. IKUSARO and the Seer Covenant have made all effort to pull out all they could. Despite their victory, it seems clear that Khazad Dun Station only has a matter of time before invading Hard Knocks forces aid their friends at DIVISION 13 in bringing down what remains of the IKUSARO presence in Moria. Executor Eurzadahn remains confident that IKUSARO will recover from this loss and is reallocating all of the Moria resources to the #makesechgreatagain campaign. Even in dark times like this the Executor urges everyone to remain hopeful. Before ending his talk with us, though, the Executor did say, "We are leaving eyes behind in Moria. Our campaign against DIV13 is just getting started. We did take Sech back - and Hiremir. I think in due time we will reclaim Moria. It is just a matter of time. In the meantime, however, we are going to focus on the campaign of securing our home constellation and growing IKUSARO throughout low sec space. I urge everyone not to think of this as a loss. It is a chance to refocus and restrategize."

Based on our sources inside the IKUSARO military, IKUSA forces destroyed somewhere between 3-4 billion in enemy vessels, nearly double that of IKUSA losses. And through teamwork and swift action, IKUSARO evacuation efforts safely extracted billions in ships, supplies, and materials. Congratulations to @Eurzadahn, @Sam McCaid, @Elendor Xanadaph, @Alset [PENND], @LizLizardbreath, @Saint Ankey, @Pyrea. Thank you for defending IKUSARO and for defending Moria.