Alliance Features

Ikusaro is a small high-sec alliance which is primarily on PvE and Industry. Currently we have three very active and dedicated corporations which make up the alliance, but we are always on the lookout for like-minded pilots or corporations that want to join us. Currently, our largest pilot presence is in the USTZ. Our alliance encourages and frequently hosts, small-mid size pvp roams, small-medium sized mining operations (Ice and ore in both high & low sec), a home protection standing fleet, null sec roams, ratting and more. Our alliance is also new player friendly and full of experienced players that are willing to take players under their wing and teach them whatever it is they need to succeed. Below are some of the key features of our alliance.


fun and supportive environment

The alliance is led by players that have been around EVE for quite some time. This means we all play for fun and feel no need to be cutthroat about KB stats or losing ships. We are more interested in having fun and new player development. Our veteran players are currently offering help with skill training plans and ship fitting guidance. Additionally, we offer PVP training and videos for help with various mechanics or tactics. We also have alliance manufactured hulls which can be purchased at a discount and Alliance haulers that can move your freight back and forth from Amarr for minimal isk.



Our alliance currently resides within the Pezarba constellation of the Kador region. Our main area is only a few just about a dozen jumps from Amarr, making logistics a snap. Furthermore, our alliance HQ, the famous HEDWAY STATION, is one of the largest trade hubs in the region. We have a fleet of high and low security citadels with an array of features normally given only to pilots of the larger null alliances. This means we also maintain an extensive jump clone network. Flying in and out of low security space also means that we have daily PVP activity opportunities on our doorstep. Additionally, we create our own content by roaming the lowsec regions surrounding us. We also have scheduled PVP operations that all pilots can participate in. These operations range from frigates to Black Ops, so there is always something for everyone.


Industrial power

We also have multiple industrial citadels within our home constellation. These citadels allow you to manufacture, refine and research all here at home. There are scheduled and impromptu ORE and ICE mining operations that we conduct almost daily. If you don't need your ORE, ICE or Salvage for your own industrial projects, we have multiple corporations that will buy these products from you for a set % of Jita buy price.